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My Thoughts Avery Hastings does a great job in bringing to light the divide between classes in dystopian novels. The world of Feuds is one that is immensely divided between […]

Posted 11 September, 2014
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Blog Tour Review &#..

My Thoughts Its not often that you find New Adult novelsor any novels, in generalwhere the guy is the one with series body image issues. Its practically unheard of! Cassie […]

Posted 18 August, 2014

Blog Tour Review &#..

My Thoughts Enchanted Heart came as a surprise to me. I wasnt exactly sure what to expect, but what I got was a sassy protagonist and all-out action. Cassandra is […]

Posted 13 July, 2014

Blog Tour Review &#..

My Thoughts I dont know exactly what I was expecting with Carrier, but I was pleasantly surprised. The New Adult genre hasnt really branched out to other sub genres, so […]

Posted 9 July, 2014

Blog Tour Review &#..

My Thoughts After reading (and reviewing here) Deep Blue, the first book in the Blue series, I was looking forward to Genevieves story. The little wed gotten in Deep Blue […]

Posted 5 June, 2014

Review: Biggest Flirts by J..

My Thoughts Ive read practically all of Jennifer Echols books and theyve never let me down until now. Biggest Flirts tells the story of Tia and Will and how theyre […]

Posted 22 May, 2014

Review: You Make Me by Erin..

My Thoughts Well Im not one to diss authors because thats just plain rude.. But You Make Me had some untapped potential, and because of that Im disappointed. Starting off just right, You Make Me brings […]

Posted 30 April, 2014

Blog Tour Review, E..

My Thoughts What could I say about The Resistance that hasnt already been said about New Adult novels? For starters I wouldnt even have known that Dalton was a rockstar if […]

Posted 29 April, 2014