Like you, I was also a student once – one that barely knew how to use technology, that is. It’s true that during my college years we already had essay writing services – but they weren’t as widespread as they are now. Plus, we still did not know how to properly use them, so it was like going for the Russian roulette.

The Search for the Best Essay Writing Website

Many students look high and low for the best essay writing website, only to realize that there are too many of them, asking for different things. Some look dreamy – almost too dreamy to be true. Others are very expensive – but in the eyes of the world, expensive means good, right?

Well, we can’t know that for sure. I also came across my fair share of scams when it comes to essay writing services of all kinds. Many times, I have lost the chance of getting a good grade simply because I trusted a random service to write my essay.

Still, what do we have now that we did not have in the past? We have reviewers. We have people who have tried their services and talked about their experience. We have people willing to act as “decoys” just to see whether a service is worth it or not. I am one of those people, and with my list of essay writing services, I want to put the minds of other students at ease; to share my knowledge with them.

How I Test My List of Essay Writing Services

When collaborating with an essay writing service, I try to leave no stone unturned. I talk with the customer support, the writers – I try to keep in contact as much as possible. This way, I’ll know for myself how serious they are about collaborating with me and turning me into a happy customer.

I’ll also be a big critic of the work they provide me. The grammatical errors, the sentence structures, the resources added, the price asked – they will all be put on the scale to see whether the service is worth it or not. With this blog, I’ll try to save you from a bad grade.