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March 10, 2014 Raquel Romero 0 ½

Reclaiming the Sand by A. Meredith Walters
Publication Date: March 17th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Format: eARC

Bully and victim.
Tormenter and tormented.
Villain and hero.

Ellie Mccallum was the bully. The Tormenter. The Villain. Taking what she wanted, stomping over anyone that got in her way. Feelings, futures, and relationships be damned. She felt no emotional connection to anyone or anything. A sad and lonely existence for a young woman who had come to expect nothing more for herself. Her only happiness coming from making others miserable.

Particularly Freaky Flynn.

Growing up, Flynn Hendrick was known only as “Freaky Flynn.” He lived a life completely disconnected even as he struggled to become something more than that boy with Asperger's. He was taunted and teased, bearing the brunt of systematic and calculated cruelty, ultimately culminating in a catastrophic turn of events that brought Ellie and Flynn’s worlds crashing down.

But then Flynn and Ellie grew up.

And moved on.

Until years later when their paths unexpectedly cross again and the bully and the freak are face to face once more.

When labels come to define you, finding yourself feels impossible. Particularly for two people disconnected from the world who inexplicably find a connection in each other.

And out of the wreckage of their tragic beginnings, an unlikely love story unfolds.

But a painful past doesn’t always want to let go. And old wounds are never truly healed…and sometimes the farther you try to run from yourself the closer you come to who you really are.

I dont think Ive ever read a book quite like Reclaiming the Sand before. It was gritty and ugly and painful and honest and brilliant. Its been six years since Ellie and Flynn last saw each other and the last time they were together didnt end so well. Whats more, over the years Ellie has forced herself to hate Flynn and all that he represents, so when he suddenly reappears in her life, shes more than a little conflicted. Ellies stuck in a dead-end job, barely scraping by, doing the same stupid crap with the same stupid people. Her life is going nowhere fast. Flynn, on the other hand, seems to be a little bit better off since Ellie last saw him. He looks a little bit stronger, a little bit more sure of himself and a little less skittish. And as much as Ellie might want to throw herself back into his armswhich is literally just a figure of speech for these twoshes haunted by what she did to him so many years ago.

Ellie was a difficult character to like. Shes rude and loud and kind of a bitch. But shes also headstrong and caring when she wants to be. Ellies had it rough, going from foster home to foster home and shes definitely closed off her heart. Shes also still hanging out with the same horrible people she did in high school, so it was really hard to like her. There were many times while I was reading that I just wanted to smack some sense into her. However, little by little you start seeing a change, especially with Flynn. In high school she would torment him along with her friends, calling him names, pushing him around, etc.; she also secretly befriended him and those scenes were bittersweet to read, especially since they were told in Flynns POV. Now, however, you see her start to stand up to him and it was refreshing. I was tired of reading about the messed up bully with a black heart, because, ultimately, thats not Ellie. Not anymore at least.

Like the prologue tells us, I loved Flynn. I think its safe to say that hes the most unusual character Ive ever had the pleasure of reading about. Flynn is hard to read but he truly cares and loves Ellie and it was easy to tell through his briefs POVs. Like Ellie, I absolutely loved the brief instances where he would smirk at something she said, because it was so unlike him to do so. Flynn takes socially awkward to a whole new level, but I loved him. I only wish we wouldve had present-day chapters in his POV. I wouldve loved to know how he was dealing after these six years.

Ellie and Flynns relationship is rocky to say the least. Theres a lot of bad shit between them but theres also this deep understanding of each other. There are also a lot of bumps along the way and patience is a strong element in their relationship. Im still a little bit unsure about the ending, but in a way it felt painstakingly real. Still, Reclaiming the Sand is definitely one to watch out for.


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About A. Meredith Walters

The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary and Paranormal romance including The Find You in the Dark and Bad Rep series as well as the upcoming stand alone romance, Reclaiming the Sand, and a dark new adult series for Gallery Books.

A. Meredith spent ten years as a counselor for at risk teens and children. First working at a Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault program and then later a program for children with severe emotional and mental health issues. Her former clients and their stories continue to influence every aspect of her writing.

When not writing (or being tortured with all manner of beauty products at the hand of her very imaginative and extremely girly daughter), she is eating chocolate, watching reality television that could rot your brain and reading a smutty novel or two.

A. Meredith is represented by Michelle Johnson with the Inklings Literary Agency.

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